Home Visits

I provide convenient and collaborative Speech Pathology assessment and therapy sessions at your home.

School Visits

I conduct therapy sessions and check in with teachers and educators at schools and preschools.


I offer online therapy sessions to older children, young adults and busy families.


Making Speech Sounds

I provide mobile assessment and therapy for: 

  • articulation disorders (including lisps)
  • resonance disorders
  • phonological disorders and phonological processes
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) 

A child or young adult might benefit from Speech Pathology if they:

  • do not speak as clearly or accurately as others their age
  • are difficult for friends and family to understand
  • struggle to say specific letter sounds like /s/, /r/ or ‘th’
  • regularly mispronounce words or leave out sounds or syllables 
  • have trouble sounding out and spelling words 


Sending and Receiving Messages

I provide mobile assessment and therapy for: 

  • late talking and delayed language development
  • Developmental Language Disorders (DLD) (including expressive and receptive language disorders)
  • difficulty using and understanding high-level language 
  • attention and listening difficulties 
  • language and learning differences associated with Autism Spectrum (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Global Development Delay (GDD) and Intellectual Disability (ID)

A child or young adult might benefit from Speech Pathology if they:

  • do not talk or are non-speaking
  • have a small vocabulary compared with others their age
  • struggle to combine words to make clear and accurate sentences
  • struggle to listen and focus
  • misunderstand others or get easily confused or frustrated
  • make grammatical errors that are not expected for their age 
  • struggle to follow spoken directions, especially when they have more than one step
  • give explanations and anecdotes that are difficult to follow or don’t make sense 
  • have trouble comprehending or remembering what they have read
  • struggle to think of things to say or to come up with ideas 
  • have trouble writing sentences, paragraphs, short answers or essays 
  • struggle with learning at school or preschool
  • find it difficult to make conversation with others
I am accredited to provide the Hanen ‘It Takes Two to Talk’ program. 


Reading, Writing and Spelling

I provide mobile assessment and therapy for: 

  • reading and spelling difficulties
  • comprehension difficulties
  • difficulty writing sentences, paragraphs and longer texts like essays 

A child or young adult might benefit from Speech Pathology if they:

  • have no or very limited knowledge of letters and their sounds 
  • are having more difficulty learning to read and spell than others their age
  • struggle with reading comprehension, cannot remember what they have read or answer questions about what they have read at an age-expected level
  • struggle to write sentences, paragraphs or essays at an age-expected level
  • have more difficulty in school subjects which require reading and writing 
  • are performing poorly at school or work due to literacy difficulties
I am accredited to provide to Sounds Write program.


Speaking Without Stuttering

I provide mobile assessment and therapy for developmental stuttering. 

A child or young adult might benefit from Speech Pathology if they:

  • regularly repeat the sounds or syllables at the start of words or in the middle of words 
  • seem to get stuck on certain words, sounds or syllables 
  • hesitate, pause or rephrase a lot when speaking 
  • make noises or have tick-like behaviours that interrupt their speech

Please note; most children start stuttering between three and four-years-old. Stuttering may begin very suddenly, even overnight. The best available evidence states that stuttering should be treated by a Speech Pathologist as soon as it is identified by a parent, even if it seems very mild. 

I am trained and experienced in the Lidcombe Program. 

Social Skills

Communicating in Social Contexts

I provide mobile assessment and therapy for children and young adults who would like to better understand their own and others communication styles, and to better understand social rules, customs and expectations. I do not teach or train neurodiverse or Autistic children or young adults to “mask” their true selves and I accept and appreciate neurodiverse ways of being in, moving through and experiencing the world.

A child or young adult might benefit from Speech Pathology if they:

  • are interested in understanding social norms, rules or customs 
  • would like to learn more about how different people communicate
  • are seeking support to make or maintain friendships or to get along well with others at home, school, work or in the community
  • would like to have more fulfilling and more meaningful conversations